Pad printing is a printing method in which layers of permanent ink are applied on the material with a soft, smooth pad. Using a suitably shaped pad, printing is performed on irregular surfaces. Prints made on our machines are permanent and elegant.



The print is created by forcing paint to a surface, either manually or using a screen printing press. Well designed silkscreen printing machines also allow printing on curved (e.g., cylindrical) surfaces. The precision and resolution of screen printing is directly dependent on the density of the grid used and generally many times lower than the standard attainable, for example, in offset printing. These methods let us make accurate printing on packaging and other plastic elements.



Packaging and customizing of products are intended not only to protect them but also to provide attractively looking goods for the customer. It is worth taking good care of in order to achieve better sales results.

Our company offers a full range of packaging and customizing of products in various technologies.