Our company owns machines with clamping force up to 160t - computer-controlled injection moulding machines operating in fully automatic cycles and operated by experienced staff.

We invest in new technologies, including the production of bottles. We recycle plastics.

We offer the production of plastic components in own and clients' moulds, specially designed and manufactured for your product.

We have extensive experience in the production of components for the construction industry, i.e. rawplug fittings (large offer of own mountings); also we offer products for the cosmetic, computer, food industries and more.

Using modern machines based on injection tools from global brands, we are prepared to fulfil orders from the most demanding customers. The production is entirely monitored for quality control.

The company's 20-year presence in the market and long-term contracts with our customers attest to our creativity and provision of services at a high level.

We co-operate with the best mould designers and tool-shops